Hi-Lift XT-605 60" X-TREME Jack

  • The Hi-Lift Jack X-TREME jack is our top of the line, all-cast jack that includes many special features
  • Unique gold zinc-coated winch/clamp/spreader attachment
  • Charcoal Metallic powder-coated jack with gold zinc-coated handle and hardware
  • Two piece handle and socket is durable and reliable, Safe use information stickers, including rated load details and operating instructions, affixed to handle
  • Total length of the jack is 60″, The rated load is 4,660 lbs. at 48 inches (2,660 lbs on the upper 12″)

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Hi-Lift XT-605 60" X-TREME Jack

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The Hi-Lift Jack XT-605 60 inch X-TREME jack is our top of the line, all-cast jack that includes the following special features: charcoal metallic powder-coat finish, gold zinc-coated hardware and handle, a unique top winch/clamp/spreader attachment. The top winch/clamp/spreader attachment includes 7/8 inch holes for secure, non-binding shackle attachment, a 3/8 inch chain slot for secure winching and quick slack adjusment with no hook required, and a cut-out wedge for gripping when spreading an object. WIth over 100 years of quality, the Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, winching and clamping. Although light in weight and easy to manuever, the Hi-Lift Jack offers a rated load capacity of 4,660 pounds (2114kg) and a tested load capacity of 7,000 pounds (3175kg), achieving a 150% safety factor. Our jacks are designed to help you survive in the most demanding situations – whether you are in the Moab desert canyons, the Welsh mountains, the Amazon jungle or the farmlands of Indiana. With a full range of specially designed accessories, the Hi-Lift jack is just about the most versatile piece of off-roading, farming, auto recovery equipment you can buy. When its a heavy duty situation, the tool had better be a Hi-Lift!