Chemical Guys HOL145 TORQ Foam Cannon Snow FOAMER & 3 Premium Soaps, 16. Fluid_Ounces

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Chemical Guys HOL145 TORQ Foam Cannon Snow FOAMER & 3 Premium Soaps, 16. Fluid_Ounces


Brand: Chemical Guys


  • High quality car wash foam cannon for low-pressure pressure Washers. Fully-adjustable to clean any vehicle, large or small
  • Works with any gas or electric pressure washer: 500-3, 500 psi
  • 3 different car wash soaps to take on any Detailing job
  • Universal quick-release system works with any pressure washer
  • Quality plastics resist Cracking and fading from exposure

Release Date: 2017-06-07

Details: This TORQ Snow Foamer Foam Cannon Kit ships with three fan-favorite Chemical Guys car wash soaps for any occasion! Every car wash is different: different car colors, different amounts of dirt, different types of contamination, different uses for the cleaned vehicles. Choose Honeydew Snow Foam for the thickest and slickest foaming experience with your new TORQ Snow Foamer Cannon. The superior clinging action of the thick foam and synthetic lubricants dramatically reduce the chances of installing any swirls or scratches during the weekly car wash. For intense glossy shine, add Glossworkz Auto Wash to the TORQ Foam Cannon. Detailing fans who demand the deepest, wettest shine after every car wash choose Glossworkz. For intense stuck-on mud, filth, and grime, hit the car with a blanket of foamy Citrus Wash & Gloss. The citrus cleansers break down heavy contamination after a trip off-roading through the canyons and fields of mud. The TORQ Foam Snow Foamer Cannon turns any Chemical Guys car wash soap into an intense cleansing foam for a gentle car washing experience.

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