Spot (Gen 3) Product Description

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The Spot Gen 3 provides back country satellite tracking and safety features every adventurer needs!

Anyone who has ever pushed past the boundaries of cell service to go offroad knows the rewards that come with being willing to venture where few choose to go. While there is something amazing that happens when you decide to take a break from endless emails and phone calls, there is also something eery about the realization that you could be lost or injured in a remote location with no easy way to reach out for help.

The SPOT Gen3 Device is designed to let you quickly send an emergency signal for assistance that includes the coordinates of your location or just send a quick update to your friends back home. Either way, exploring the various benefits offered by this device gives you a way to head out on your adventure with fewer worries about your safety.

Device Specs
Overlanding requires you to know how to pack light and still have everything you need to survive in the wilderness. At just under three and one-half inches high and two and one-half inches wide, the SPOT Gen3 device is small enough to fit in your pocket or rucksack. It also weighs only four ounces with lithium batteries, so it won’t weigh you down when you are ready to climb.

The device is also designed to work well in a variety of different climates. It has the capability of working in temperatures that range from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use the device at elevations ranging from -328 feet to 21,320 feet. Whether you are eager to traverse a beach or head up into the mountains, you can trust that the device has the ability to work with the satellite system.

A device that you’ll be using for hiking and other outdoor activities should also be capable of surviving water immersion. The SPOT is water-resistant for up to one meter of submersion that lasts for as much as an hour and a half. This means that a sudden rainstorm or tipped over kayak will not affect the usefulness of your satellite GPS messenger.

Power Options
An emergency device is worth nothing if it can’t hold a charge, and this is not a problem with the SPOT Gen3. There are several power options that you can choose from to keep the device operating at all times, and these include the following.
•4 AAA Energizer NiMH rechargeable batteries
•4 AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8X batteries
•Line Power With a 5V USB connection

The Gen3 Model has more than twice the battery life of the original device. For perspective, you should be able to send approximately 1,250 custom messages and check-ins on a single set of lithium batteries.

Plan and Coverage Availability
When you love to take your overlanding adventures across the world, you need a device that has the widest available coverage. The Gen3 service plan covers almost all of North America, including Canada and Mexico. The majority of South America is covered, and you can venture to portions of North-East Asia as well as parts of North and South Africa while staying in the range of service in most places. There are also hundreds of miles of off shore areas that are covered by the plan so you can go on those aquatic excursions when you aren’t offroading and still have the ability to transmit a signal for emergency assistance.

While you do need a service plan to keep the device active, you’ve got options that can fit your offroad style. The contract plan allows you to maintain service over the course of a year with small monthly payments for if you go on extended adventures. Alternatively, you can sign up to pay for only the months that you need if you’re more of a seasonal traveler. Both plans allow you to send unlimited S.O.S messages, check-ins and to set the device up for tracking.

How to Use Your Device
This is one of the easiest devices that you can use in the wild. The S.O.S. feature sends your coordinates and personal information to the GEOS International Response Coordination Center by just pressing and holding the designated button until you see the light turn green. After that, the device continues to send a message every five minutes until you cancel the signal.

Sending pre-programmed messages is just as simple, and you can also set your device up to track your movements and display on your SPOT share page so that your loved ones at home can check in on your wellbeing. For best results, always double check that the features on your device work before you leave for every trip, and remember to place the SPOT in locations where it is facing upwards towards the sun for the best reception.

As always, your primary goal is to never need to use your device except to update your friends and family on a successful adventure and return home. Make sure to plan for your trip properly and organize your supplies with a focus on self-reliance. If all goes well, your SPOT Gen3 device will simply serve as a fun way to let people know where you are and when your adventure is over, but you also can’t beat the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a way to reach out for emergency services with the press of a button in your pocket.